You know how people are always talking about how great social media is? And it is great- I use it regularly. But what a lot of people wonder is what value can social media have for my business? Everyone wants to know how to monetize social media, but people aren’t really sure how to.

I recently came across this new training program, “From Platform to Profit” which focuses on teaching a specific system of content syndication to help improve search engine ranking, build expert status, send more traffic to your website, and help you generate more leads into your business.

It’s being taught by two well-known online marketing coaches, Denise Wakeman of the Blog Squad, and Dr. Rachna Jain of The Mindshare Corporation. The focus of this 4 week training is to help people create a content syndication strategy that works.

People are spending hours and hours on Facebook and Twitter, but ignoring the other 10 kinds of social media sites you can use.

This means that you’re not using social media as well as you could be.

And don’t worry, even if you’re not super technical, the training is designed to be easy to follow and easy to apply.

In just a few weeks, you’ll learn how to convert your text content to multiple formats, and, just as importantly, how to efficiently send your content around the internet. Done correctly, content syndication has the possibility to move your business to a whole new level in terms of recognition and opportunities.

I’ve already signed up, and wanted to make sure you had the same opportunity.

Learn more here:

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