As I was reading bedtime stories to my son the other night, I picked up an oldie but goody and felt that everyone young and old needs to have this book. It is titled The Carrot Seed, but Ruth Krauss, Pictures by Crockett Johnson. I believe the story is at least 60 years old, but it touches my heart every time I read it and the message rings true to my heart. It is a about

A little boy plants a carrot seed. His mother says, “I’m afraid it won’t come up.” His father and his big brother agree. At first, it seems they’re right. But the little boy knows better. So every day, he pulls up weeds and waters the ground. Until, one day, just as the little boy knew it would, something very special happens…well, I will let you guess on that one!

Not only do I love the message, but it is such a short, quick read that even people with extremely small attention spans will be able to enjoy it!  The message was so powerful that it inspired the article below that I hope you enjoy!

After reading so many success stories of women who have ‘made it’ or who didn’t ‘give up’, they seem to all have some common traits and mindsets to get them from point a to point b. These women wanted and desired to be successful in their own lives both personally, professionally AND financially. To sum it up, it boils down to this…

1. A dream equates to passion. The burning desire to change from where you are now to something better, grander is essential in achieving success.  Take your life into your own hands and get back in control of what YOU want for your life.

2. DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to get what you want. Are you ready to do that? That is a tall order, but one that has to be done in order to achieve the success you want.

3.  Invest in YOURSELF. Go back to school, read more, take some classes, practice extreme self care, get a mentor, study and learn at all times to feed your mind, your soul and your passions.

4. Take focused consistent action. Do the research, make the time, accept the sacrifices to be made and make movement!

5. Give back- Give to others and you will receive so much more in return. It doesn’t have to be big, but the more you give the more internal reward you receive. Support other women, donate some time, possessions, and talents to others. You will be happier, feel more alive and get even stronger to keep heading down your path of success!

6. Take some risks! Get out of your comfort zone and you will see doors open!  View the word ‘risk’ as a challenge.  What challenge can you give yourself this week in order to stretch yourself and move closer to the target?

7. Never give up. Just like the little boy didn’t in the book “The Carrot Seed”. You will trip and fall, once in a while, and that’s okay!! Those bruises are given to us for a reason…the universe is testing us to see how passionately we want a better life. Create a toolbox to help yourself get back up when you do trip. Get emotionally invested in what you want and believe me, there will be no stopping you!!!

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