EVERYONE seems to be using SMART Goals in their business, are you?

It is always important to set goals. Not only for your business, but for yourself, you health, your family, your future. The question is ..How do you set business goals that actually work for you as an entrepreneur? Mompreneur? Solo-preneur? Service Professional?

Did you know that more than 80 percent of the 300 small business owners surveyed in the recent 4th Annual Staples National Small Business Survey said that they don’t keep track of their business goals?  77 percent have yet to achieve their vision for their company. Do you fall into any one of those categories?

Are you willing to do what it takes to make your goals come true? What is your long term goal, or target for your business?

The answer is truly simply and universal. They must be SMART goals.

Specific- goals must be rock solid

Measurable- Put your money where your goal is..make this a dollar value

Action- Oriented- Who is doing what and when

Realistic- Are they truly attainable goals?

Time oriented- Pick a date on the calendar and go for it!

The key to proper goal setting is staying consistent,  organized and acknowledgement!

What goals will you take action on daily? HOW will you stay organized and track your progress? When and how will you celebrate the small things..the accomplishments that you make?

The more you do this, the better at goal setting you will be!

How do you set goals? Feel free to share your method below!

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