By Susan Creal

Gifts you say? Yes! What you have inside of YOU!! When others feel and embrace what   you have….they will in turn pass their gifts onto you or someone else! It is just like the ‘pay it forward’ saying. How many have you done that? How did you feel afterwards? On top of the world?? Unstoppable? Full of love? It really feels good when you give. I have written 7 ways you can give your gifts in your business that will highly impact others and will be a catalyst for inspiration, appreciation, peace, love, joy and huge success for all involved!

#1- Give your time- If you have a special talent, skill or knowledge and know that someone you have met is struggling or would benefit from your help, than give your time to them. You can simply ask them “What can I help you with?” “How about we get some coffee and talk about what’s bothering you.” Extending your hand will not only mean the world to that person, but it will build trust in that person for who you are and what you do.

#2-Give your referrals- Who do you know that would help someone in your circle? How can they help others? Who can you connect in your networking group? Your meet up group? Your online forum? How do you see the two people working together? Explain what you see and make the introductions today!

#3- Give your expertise- When you are on facebook, linked in, twitter, specialized forums, out and about…give nuggets of truly valuable information that will answer someone’s question. Really go above and beyond the typical response. What do you know about the problem? What resource can they tap into? What would the first 3 steps be to solve the problem? What other websites might be helpful? Give your expertise in solid, over the top nuggets.

#4- Give surprises- Surprise your clients and customers at least 4 times per year. What could you do extra special for them? What could you sent them? What would truly touch their heart to know that you are thinking of them? Everyone loves great surprises!

#5-Give your honesty- When you are heartfelt and honest, you lead your life with integrity and it shows. Always tell the truth and be honest when dealing with business, facts, figures, knowledge and expertise.  People know when you aren’t and when you go to bed knowing you led your day with honesty and sincerity, all is grand in the world!

#6- Give your gratitude- Truly be thankful for your clients and customers and tell them how you feel. Be connected with who you deal with every day and they will feel appreciated and cared for. Send them a card or a note stating your sincerity. Appreciation is huge when it comes to client retention, referrals and long lasting business.

#7- Give your love- Open your heart and all the success you want will be yours. Keep it open and ask yourself “who can I serve today?” or “how can I make a difference right now?” or “whose life can I touch today?” People need love, the world needs love, and businesses need love. YOU need love. Commit right now to make a difference and notice how your life and business truly transforms.