It’s true. Have you stopped to think about your daily thoughts affect your daily living?  Do you take the time to slow down and consciously think about what your thoughts are doing to you or how they might be working against you?

Many people live their lives on auto pilot. Do you? How many times do you stop to think about what you are actually eating for breakfast before you run out the door…how did that oatmeal really taste? Was the toast crunchy? Were the eggs fluffy and full of flavor? OR were you thinking about what you had to do that day while shoveling your breakfast down in 2 seconds flat?

What kind of ‘autopilot’ thoughts kick in for each day as you are driving your car, taking a shower, ordering a drink, changing the baby?

Automatic thoughts can be uplifting or negative. They can bring you to new heights or bring you to the depths of never-ending turmoil. It is a cycle that keeps going until something stops you to get your attention that requires you to reexamine your own thoughts. It could be a traumatic event , a health concern, a relationship issue, or a business that just isn’t working It is during that time when you are able to begin the process of change and take control of your thoughts and DO something about them!!

There has been research that shows more than 85% of the illnesses that fall upon society are a direct result of thoughts. Less than 15% are actually attributed to environment, diet and genetics! Think about THAT for a minute. YES, set the timer and really sit with that number for a minute…it is truly astounding.

Research has also shown that fear alone can set off more than 1,400 physical and chemical responses and activates more than 30 hormones. Fear can also supposedly be controlled by confronting its root cause.

Julie Chrystyn, author of The Secret to Life Transformation, states, if fear can be controlled, than why can’t other emotions that are killing us be controlled? She also mentions that there are intellectual, spiritual and medical reasons for living a healthy life. It is our birthright to be happy, healthy and wealthy. It is OUR power- it is OUR decision and is OUR choice weather we want to be or not.

What thoughts will you fill your mind up with today? Will they be empowering, liberating, loving, self-fulfilling thoughts? Or will they be ones that are completely on autopilot, negative, self-loathing and demeaning? In the end, is all your CHOICE and your DECISION. Make today count as a day that transforms the rest of your life, your thoughts and happiness.

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